Thursday, May 27, 2010

See For Yourself

After years of spiritual endeavours many do not find the lasting peace for which they are seeking. It is hard to believe that we can spend so much energy, time and money on teachings, teachers, retreats and other spiritual experiences and still after years (in some cases decades) still not ‘get’ what we’re searching for.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that you can stop seeking right now. No further understanding is required. Just stop and take a really close look at what is already here, already so. What you are must already be present. Take a moment to pause and investigate this truth. One clear, simple moment of directly investigating your present reality is all that is required. Let it be this moment.

Can you sense the subtle reality of your own beingness? Now. Not after you’ve cleared your karma, healed your wounds, uncovered all of your false concepts. Right now. Take a look to see what your actual reality is. It is so obvious and familiar that we overlook it. Yet what we’ve been looking for is right here where we are as our own beingness. One useful pointer is to notice the undeniable fact that you know that you are. Somehow you know that you are here now. The way that is known is through your own ever-present self as the aware presence. You are the knowing, the awareness itself.

One of the reasons this is overlooked is that we have read such spectacular accounts of people’s awakenings in spiritual literature. We imagine so many things about what it will be like when we get it. This leads us to search for the imagined fantasy of ‘awakening’ instead of what is plainly here.

Another reason is (for those following a teacher) we are referring to an external authority. We may overlook that hidden in this is the belief that the teacher has it but we don’t. Once this concept is believed we delay or avoid the direct investigation that leads to the end of seeking.

The bottom line is that we must see this for ourselves. Direct investigation is required. No one can do it for us. Any external search for something is an avoidance of this investigation. Ironically, the end of the search is ever available and only takes a moment of examination of the facts.